Celebrating the organic flow within self expression and the infinite truth it so sweetly offers. Love is our most sacred space to share.





“Love is my divine truth and sweetest of devotions. This universal dharma is our most organic vibration and is infinitely available to all sentient beings. Our energy is shared...may we be mindful.

 I'm a mamma. I love my tribe more then anything that could ever exist. I love Yin and the creative dance of Vinyasa dripping with Pranayama. I cherish the intuitive art of sequencing, mudras, mantra, co creation, deep stillness, meditation and dropping into a bliss of oneness. I'm devoted to daily Sadhana and Gaia praise. I'm in love with the ocean and believe this space to be the womb of all that is.  I love surfing, watching waves, lying on the beach and sun kissed, salty skin. I love mountains, lakes, rivers, snowboarding, long boarding, backpacking and hiking for they are my roots. I love sparrows, music, art, self expression, dancing and slow body movement. I love crystals, gemstones, traveling and immersing deeply.  I love giving compliments, connection, smiling, singing and long hugs.  I love chocolate, honey, strawberries, green leaves, cilantro, mangos, coconut oil, the smell of vanilla and loving effortlessly. endlessly. 

I'm surrendered to Spirit, earth ritual, prayer, connection, compassion, truth, tenderness and love, for they are sacred gestures. Through the humble practice of living yoga we may expand our consciousness and return to our original wisdom resting in the heart, for Yoga is life. In this space we honor ourselves as one and are held with love and non judgement. We are witnessed in our most vulnerable state, for we are simply home.”


Katie is an intuitive guide as well as practitioner.  Her style is fluid like the ocean.  She is a mama, wandering soul and artist in constant creation. With 1250 RYT hours her classes are eclectic and full of vast knowledge.  She has helped assist in teacher trainings and continues to mentor other yoga teachers on their intimate journeys.  Her experience lies in Vinyasa, Yin, Facia related movement, Restorative, Bikram, Flow designed for surfers, Inversions, SUP Yoga Intuitive Body Movement, Dance, Gymnastics, Reiki, Shamanic Ritual, Journey, Chakras, Subtle Anatomy, Pranayama, Shakti, and Lila.  She is a Level 3 Reiki Master and performs various modalities of Energy Medicine. She spends much of her time outside in Sadhana and Gaia praise. She is an avid hiker, backpacker, long-boarder, snowboarder and surfer. More than anything, deep stillness and slow flow is the space she is meant to hold.  Meditation, Mantra, Yoga Philosophy and offering loving space for others to become completely vulnerable through self transformation is her gift.  Katie cherishes connection and the art of sacred conversation. She is an extremely uplifting and passionate healer devoted to Spirit.  As an International Yoga Instructor and world traveler who fell in love with the ocean, she gave up all material items, home and car to follow the wave and pursue her dream of surfing and immersing in other cultures. Now combing surf and yoga she can fit her life into a duffle bag and 2 small carry ons. She is unattached to any outcome and continues to live a nomadic life.  Her mission is to simply trust and surrender. She aspires to help others ascend and remember their divine worth, birthright and original wisdom while honoring the decent of our darkest hours . She is unafraid of any depth of emotion and facilitates the space for one to express themselves without fear or shame. She nourishes the soul with unconditional love and gratitude.


2010 | Bikram Inspired | Yarrow Yoga | 350 RYT

2012 | Hatha Yoga | Harmony Yoga | 200 RYT

2014 | Vinyasa | Lila Yoga ~ Bear Yoga | 200 RYT

2015 | Reiki 1 & 2 | Usui Shiki Ryoho

2016 | Reiki Master 3 | Usui ShikI Ryoho

2017 | Completed and Assisted | Vinyasa | Lila & Bear Yoga | 500 RYT


Row Sea Kayak Adventures | Isla Espíritu Santo | Sea of Cortez | 2016

Women’s Sobriety on the Lake | Lake CDA | CDA ID | 2016

CampFire for Women | Lake CDA | CDA ID | 2016

Private Surf & Yoga Retreat | Esterillos Este | Costa Rica 2017