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loving testimony

loving testimony


"I’ve had the honor of knowing Katie for many moons. I’ve followed her yogic journey and been an eager student of hers through many different expressions.   Her style is fluid like the ocean, ever expanding and vast.
Yin is a modality that she holds close to her heart, and you can feel it! She makes a sacred ritual out of guiding you through the postures with your breath.
Sweaty and challenging Vinyasa classes, with creative sequencing and fun funky flows. Katie has a way of breaking down advanced poses that makes the learning process fun for practitioners of all abilities.
Deep meditation where she holds the sacred space like no other. She will guide you through your practice to reveal your own golden light within.
Katie’s classes are intricately woven with meaningful drops of goodness scattered throughout. She shares from her heart. She reminds us that Yoga is everywhere, all around us, making life a sacred practice. To share a class, a workshop, a retreat with this woman is always a good idea. The way she walks this earth on her sacred path is inspiring!" 

✨✨✨ Larkin Tye, 750 RYT | LILA YTT 2014 & 2017

"Kate Honey Sparrow is an intuitive healer and a spokeswoman for LOVE.  Her ability to sense and heal stagnant, painful energy is unmatched in my experience. A wonderful teacher, Goddess and mentor!"

Jane, 500 RYT | Lila YTT 2017

"Katie brings love, compassion and acceptance of self to her guided yoga classes. Her classes allow a time for deep relaxation, reflection and prana flow in such a profound way that you feel you have received the most precious gift. The best part is you have given it yourself through Katis's loving guidance."

Jaquai, 200 RYT, Lila YTT 2017

“Get ready to go to the innermost depths of your soul with Kate Honey Sparrow. She will guide you into a place of deep connection with your heart, your body and your soul, and she will do in such a loving way that you will feel as if you’re riding on a cloud of bliss the whole way. From her soft, sweet voice to her vivid visual guiding words to the loving adjustments, she provides an experience that one will cherish forever. I could go on forever about this amazing goddess but I will just say this...Thank you Kate Honey Sparrow. Thank you for living your passion, for always being your most authentic self, and for being a guiding grace of truth and love.  You radiate light and love so purely. And you have changed my life in the most beautiful ways.” 

Maddie, 750 RYT | Lila YTT 2017

"Katie is a loving mamma sparrow who understands deeply that life is a moving meditation. She will welcome you as you are, a true friend. Her knowledge of Yin Yoga is unmatched, her playful dance of sequencing will open your heart & soul. When I think of her, I am reminded of one quote by Rumi that fits her exactly:
“Your hand opens and closes, and opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as sparrow wings.” She will help you find this meditation and balance. I love you very much! Thank you thank you for being my friend, guide, teacher and shinning light." 

Daniel 500 RYT/ Lila YTT 2017

"Katie was gracious enough to come in to Lakes Middle School and teach yoga to 6th-8th grade girls, free of charge.  Not only did Katie teach them yoga and the art of moving, but more importantly she taught the girls how to be in touch with their emotions, be able to rest in silence and release stress, and to connect with others.  In a society of social media, young girls struggle with self confidence and body image.  Katie taught them to be strong physically and emotionally.  She taught them that being themselves is good enough.  She taught them the benefit of silence, in a day where that's hard to find.  I wish yoga was available to all middle school age girls daily at school.  The benefits are priceless.  Katie provided a safe place for the girls to improve their mental and physical body."

Nicole Symons | Lakes Middle School CDA, ID