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Ill take the chance why I can get it. i’ve been in Punta Bacno for 3 weeks. Ive kept my blog going with no WiFi but its it turned into something more. I thought id copy and paste all that I had written by date but I can’t. Its too intimate now. Maybe a book. Along with with autobiagraphy and all the poetry. The childrens book Ive been holding for 18 years. I want to write now. Create. Dance. Detach. Unlearn. Surf. Surf. Ive barely surfed. Its intimidating here. I need that though. Im in the right peeps. Do not have a board that feels like mine yet. Mine. That word. He is. Him. The one I dont follow. The one I dont touch. The one that hasn’t shown up yet. The one that keeps my eye from wandering in a pool of uber yummy fish. They got nothing on him. He’s the fkn cutest and he knows how its gonna go down. Work. Money. Humanity. The jungle. I really don’t know what Im dong down here anymore. I really dont know if ill stay through December or January without WIFI. Im being tested on about every level. So id like to stay. These are good challenges. Maybe this is my hub. I feel it. I want to go to Morroco though. Bali. Thailand. Australia. Theres this one that dont pressure me at all. He’s taken me under his wing. He has gills too. I like surfers. I seem to always fall in with them. It easy. Mine surfs. Mine. So I have this WIFi and its outside. Ill surf tomorrow on a longer lighter board. They dont teach me though. Just leave me out to paddle and bob around. Only 2 small green waves. Its okay to still be kooky. My timing still sucks. Im learning though. Just to be out in the water watching pop ups, etiquette and style inspire the fcuk out of me. I feel so alive in the water. Never scared of what lies beneath but a little scared of big sets. Terrified actually. I have this undying love for the lifestyle. Its all i’m after. That and him. To have nostalgia. Its okay to do what Im doing and not doing. I feel good and hopeful. No more money but debt free. In love but untouched. Lonely as fuck but hopeful and sure of him. Horney but worhsipped. Free. Im gonna keep it clean. On every level.