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Return to Costa Rica September 2019

Im home. Back around for the 3rd time. Im in love with the waves and the smell. The lifestyle Ive chosen. This duffle bag of clothes, my mesa and sacred text. Its all I have. The computer and phone a life line so as a minimalist I can not deny my part in it still. But to be free of the mortgage. The rent. The bills. The things. The car. The drama. The dusty streets. The noise. The lights. Traffic. Trump lovers. Triggers. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I changed my plans last minute like usual. I couldn’t deal with the pressure to fuck and my heart belongs to a first kiss surfer who may or may not show up. I hope he does. Here. In this magical country that feels like home. It use to be his too and still is. Ive felt him here since 2017.

She picked me up at the airport instead. My family here knows this country like the back of their hand. Eager to help and connect. I told her I did’t want to deal with it. I’ll bus. It will be good for me. Ill make to you in 12 hours. Naaa….Not how she roles. Within minutes not hours and the day before my flight - she connected me with another Yogini that happens to be her neighbor and in San Jose the day Im arriving.

Synchronicities. Alchemy. Trust. Love.

She got me. We locked eyes. Instant connection. Best day with no sleep. San Jose city with 4 errands getting 4 things accomplished. Big deal on Costa Rica time. We arrived safely to Ojochal where my best friends run a small jungle hotel.

My dearest friends. My family. My tribe.

I love Mikey and Diana. They love me. I can feel it with out a doubt. Thats enough to fuel my trust in it all while giving mad praise and thanks along the way. We lived on the same beach for almost a year - a year ago. Me a freshy and them seasoned.

Now here we are having no idea of the changes to have come They moved on from the beach. South a few hours. Only 4 months ago. It all aligned for them within a heavy transformation. They could teach a class on fluidity and letting shit go. I wasn’t coming back for awhile. No plans anytime soon. Heading to my next gig in December - I thought maybe Ill hit CR in 2020 when its over.

Then it happened. The dream seeping into gold. An opportunity with a dream of mine. Ill write about that next time. Its so damn sweet and unbelievable it deserves its own blog. Just like Mikey and Diana deserve this one.

Anyways. Pavones. My next stop. Its only 2/12 hours from them vs 6 now. My 2 days with them has turned into a week and Im still in it. It worked out better for my next destination as well.

Flow. Unattached to any outcome. Gratitude.

Safe. Connected. Welcomed. Nourished. Supported. Loved. Witnessed. Held.

Thats super important to me immersing in other countries. I dont have a hub anymore.

Im free from any debt or material things in the US. Free.

It was a little scary getting on the plane this time.

I think this could be it.

Costa Rica.

Because of them.

The waves and the smell.

Im home.